Reviews from some of my clients:

"How does Reiki help me?
I have busted my body in so many places that I should be wrecked with pain every time the weather changes, every time the barometer goes up or down, at my age of 53, I should be waking up every day in pain.
I have none of the above, ever, unless I play 2-3 hours of tennis or racquetball the night before.
I have gone at least three years, that I remember, illness free, no colds, no flu, no sickness.
I always have a happy attitude and I am always filled with hope and positive possibilities.
Everyday is a gift, it is called "The Present", and Reiki keeps it perfect."
From David

From Melora in regards a Reiki session for Starbucks & Apollo (pet healing)

"Absolutely extraordinary...Amazingly kind & helpful! =) Very highly recommended!"

From Elaine

"Minette:I strong feel that my cats adjusted so well to the Holiday festivities  at our home because of the reikithat you sent.  I want to wish you many, many blessings of Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance in the New Year of 2011." 

"I do NOT believe in Reiki! But... the other day I had been battling the worst headache in forever when I was on the phone with Minette's husband. As I was ending the call in a somewhat sarcastic way I asked him to ask her to send me Reiki to end my pain. Minette came on the phone gave me a few instructions, I did what she said in within three minutes the pain was GONE plus I felt energy like you would not believe..." 

From Steve G , "...wonderful healer; very good energy; worth a try thank you very much"

From Mary, "This person is a gifted and sensitive healer. I give my highest recommendation"

From T., "Very satisfied! If you want healing don't go any where until you check here 1ST!"

From B.D., "... Last night I slept the whole night for the first time in weeks! I've been waking up with so much pain in my arm that I have to get up for a while... but I slept last night. Hurray! Still some limited range of motion, but not much pain. Thanks so much..."

R.S.K., "...Thank you Minette. You are the best."

M.F., "...While I know consciously that I can love the life I'm living, no matter what it is like, I'm struggling with that...but I feel the acceptance more each day. Must be the Reiki! Bless You Minette! ((( HUGS )))"

From Judi S 

"I do believe in miracles but don't think they could happen to me.  If my body with very little pain, no numb hands, and I slept like I have for the past two  nights, I would think it was a miracle. ...Thank you for your Raiki.Smile  Please keep up the good work ..."

Also her comments about my services as a Nail tech..."I just bought some new shoes and was so proud of my toes when I went to try on shoes.  I often try to hide them - and then I come to you and you  make them right.  Also - why is it that when you do my nails (and they look so pretty) the polish stays on a long time?  they still look good.
Have a wonderful day.

K. K., "Minette you are so awesome. It's evident how much you care about your work and your clients.
Thank you..."

Wendy T... Namaste! It is my pleasure and honor to have experienced your loving Reiki so healing and your friendship that touched my heart in soul with inspiration!!!! Thank you so much!!!


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