About Me

I look at being a LMT/Full Specialist as a special gift, yet, anyone could do what I do...if they dedicate 30 years plus to the perfecting of skills.   And your goal is making your whole life being the person God smiles upon. 

As a Reiki Master, I am truly humbled in this area, for I have been give the heart to love others. 

I am a Board Certified Massage Therapist (322984-00) & Licensed Full Specialist 

( FS635) in Florida. 

Award winning Nail Tech.

Reiki Master with each member of my family also Reiki Masters.

Matrix Energetics Practitioner with training from Richard Barlett, author of Matrix Energetics.  Amazing Man!!!

Life Coach for those who need a stable, sane person to guide them.  I am happily married to the same man for about 40 years and together we have 3 of the most amazing & loving kids ever put on the planet!  I offer a listening ear and a safe place to bounce off all your thoughts.

Tai Chi - Chi Kung Instructor with Tai Chi USA. 

Opening the doorway to new wonderful experiences in your life.


My husband David Howell actually worked with Tai Chi USA and created the Master Warrior Trainer  Program for Grand Master Dennis Kelly.  Dorian Howell, our son, spent hundreds of hours video taping GM Kelly and helping with the Golf Program producing several DVDs for Tai Chi USA.  So, if you are seeking assistance in putting your program together please contact, David Howell at xr484@yahoo.com or Dorian Howell at dhowellson@yahoo.com

 Most recently, my husband & I received a special blessing from Mahendra Kumar Trivedi.  Looking forward to sharing my experiences with this exciting event in our lives. 


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