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Meet Minette Howell

September 22, 2011

Intuitively, the question came to mind as to which one was the healer. Obviously friends, the two women stood up together in praise of each other. We were at a networking luncheon meeting and making a connection with friends and strangers alike when I took the initiative to later introduce myself to Minette Howell.

Minette is a nationally certified Massage Therapist with a Full Specialist License, an award winning Nail Technician, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Life Coach. She began her career in the spa industry helping clients with both their outer and inner beauty by providing a relaxing oasis while being totally pampered. She realized that her inherent gifts and abilities were helping others on more than just a physical level. Stating, “My gift is one of peace and serenity; it is something I was born with.”  

For the past ten years, Minette has also been practicing Reiki by offering private healing sessions and attunements, not only for you, your family, and friends, but also your pets. How blessed I felt to find her willingness to attune even my own dogs. As a Reiki Master, Minette explains that she is able to assist with balancing one’s energies. Explaining, “It is in that state of total relaxation that true healing takes place.”

What is Reiki? Minette knows it as the universal life energy, but quite simply calls it love. Explaining, “We can’t see it, eat it, hear it, but, we can feel it with our heart. With our hearts ‘we see what is invisible’ to the mind. When we find ourselves in that incredibly awesome place of pure bliss, we are touching the fringes of the Reiki experience. It is a place of endless possibilities, which I feel to be in the presence of the Divine. This is my intention when I guide someone in a Reiki session.”

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art or a system of healing that utilizes specific symbols and healing techniques to restore and balance the natural life force energy, which flows throughout the mind, body, and spirit of a person. There are three forms of degrees at becoming a Reiki Master or Teacher. Accordingly, the first degree is to be able to help heal one’s self, the second degree for others, and the third offering the ability to teach and attune others.

Minette is a level three Master/Teacher, but states, “I look at what at do as no big deal; anyone could do what I do.” Yet, Minette has dedicated over 25 years toward perfecting her skills. She and each member of her family are Reiki Masters. She understands the practice of Reiki as giving loving energy to another. Stating, “I am truly humble in this area, for I have been given the heart to love others…” Adding that whenever your life is dedicated to being “the person God smiles upon,” then your heart is at its happiest.

It is that desire to be of help to others that led Minette to also become a Life Coach. She knows there are those who are looking for a stable, sane person to help guide them in life. As a happily married woman with three children, Minette offers a loving heart, listening ear, and safe place within her home office to bounce off all your thoughts and concerns, although much of her work is done by telephone as well.

As a Life Coach, Minette gently guides you through a series of personal questions and greater introspection to open the doorway to new life experiences. With patience and a soft voice, she gradually leads you to recognize your greatest goals and desires, while offering steps towards achieving them. To better understand how this is actually achieved, Minette graciously offered to walk me through a brief life coaching session, something I found quite similar to my interview of her. Below is series of audio clips from my meeting with Minette Howell, Reiki Master and Life Coach.

Interview of Minette Howell:

If you would like to meet and make a connection with Minette, please do hesitate to contact her through her website or blog.




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