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Update on promotions

March 9, 2017
Obviously, the blogs are in need of updating.
Right now I do not have any special promotions other than my personal work.  
Please contact me for more information.

A Word from My Husband David Howell

September 28, 2011

The year is almost over

How is that working for you?

This year is almost over, 100 days or less. Did you accomplish your 3 priorities?

Whatever you focused on, is it working for you? If not why? what got in the way?

What if money or the pursuit of earning it was no longer an object for you.

If you did not have to think about earning an income or generating more cashflow, what would you do?

To what extremes are you willing to do to reach your Hearts desires?


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Easy to take, low cost vitamin GBG

June 30, 2010
This easy to take, low cost liquid vitamin replaces taking all those bottles of different vitamins.
Check out how others feel about it, go to
If you know 2 others who feel this way, you can get your vitamins FREE.
AND you are helping me help others by offsetting my costs to do this fine work with Reiki.
Namaste, Minette

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Special Offers which support my work with Reiki

June 14, 2010
I am new to this, so please forgive my lack of style in presenting these Offers. 
For every Offer you try, yes, I make revenues which support what I do with Reiki.
I presently am giving alot of my services to support the wellbeing of my community.
If you will, look at the offers, something maybe just what you want/need.
Thank you!
Namaste Minette

No new offers this month!
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