A little bit about me...

The Secret was the beginning, for me. it created an awareness that there was hope for all and my mission was to share the feeling with all.  Hope to me is a constant companion to pure Love which is what I believe Reiki to be.  I called this Love, God - Universe.  My humble opinion.

Reiki is a very simple modality with so many insights.  Each new Reiki Master creates another awareness about Reiki.  I don't where I was the day, they taught Chakras but I am slowly learning what Madam Takata (the lovely lady who brought Reiki to the United States) was trying to do when she introduced the protocol for administering Reiki to my client.  There are 12 places where focus is given for the balancing of energy.

This is me and my kids having a fun night out at The Don CeSar in St. Pete. Fl.   We are a very close knit family and strive to make the world a better place.  We are all Reiki Masters which is a honor.

One of my greatest joys outside my family & pets, is growing things.  This is a gift from one of my students who introduced me to Jin Shin Jyustsu.  One needs to find time to be able to meditate, which to me is clearing my mind of all that is physical. Working in my garden, has always been my time with God.  Oh and 5 zillion bugs which by the way, I don't get bitten as much thanks to a  good friend, Nancy Finck who made a special aromatherapy blend for me!  Her service is available, please contact me.


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